ABT, Apart But Together, was conceived in the early moments of the pandemic in March of 2020. The writing was on the wall that the next television season was going to be done with editors working from home and Mad Old Nut knew, based on previous experiences of the editors we work with, that traditional RDP solutions would not suffice to keep those teams working the way they are used to in the shared storage, office environment. We got to work and presented ABT for the 2020-2021 season.

ABT allows edit teams to work from systems in the office, in the home, or between systems in both locations seamlessly and efficiently. Safe and secure media management keeps all edit systems in sync and up to date with centralized AVID storage and each other and allows for effortless project sharing with bin locks. Unlike many WFH solutions you don't need a degree in engineering to move media around for your teams, they can work the way they always have and it just happens.

99% of the office experience 100% of the time, anywhere.



Mad Old Nut rents Avid editing systems. We can set these up at your team’s work from home locations, or we can set them up at one of our facilities. Our machines are fast, high performance and reliable. We are always upgrading hardware and optimizing configurations so you have a group of machines that can do everything your team needs them to. And of course our machines are backed by our amazing systems and support as well. The combo is simple: robust and high performance systems so your team can create magic.


Choose your camera and we’ll handle the rest. We couple DaVinci Resolve with Avid Symphony to produce top quality dailies that’s fast and efficient. At the end of the dailies process, all of your production media will be archived to industry standard LTO5. Securing your production media as well as producing quick and beautiful dailies is our top priority and with your package rate worrying about vender costs are a thing of the past.


We have a philosophy of staying as native to your acquired media as possible and DaVinci Resolve is making that happen. Whether you shoot RED Epic or Arri Alexa, we keep those R3D, Arri Raw or ProRes4444 files through the grading process allowing our colorists to utilize the most dynamic range possible. No transcoding to keep that cookie cutter color timing workflow.


Our proprietary systems, support and services provide a wide range of options when you are ready to adjust color, make dailies, send footage to editors or executives, or setup real-time video streams to allow remote sessions. Everything we build is backed by our own proprietary monitoring and maintenance service that allows remote diagnosis and maintenance should any problems occur. But our existing capabilities extend well beyond that — we even built our own streaming server, which we use with our private fiber network to connect your team in real time and in super-high resolution.