We offer a wide variety of products, services, equipment, technology, and networking solutions to the creative community.


Mad Old Nut offers fast and reliable Avid Rentals for both offline and online editorial. In addition to our editorial systems we offer various local and networked storage solutions and a highly trained and responsive technical support staff. MON continues to attract the biggest names in the industry by constantly reinvesting in new technology and cycling out old equipment long before it becomes unproductive. We customize top of the line workstations that fit our clients budgets and needs and build some of the most dependable workstations on the planet.



We have a philosophy of staying as native to your acquired media as possible and DaVinci Resolve is making that happen. Whether you shoot RED Epic or Arri Alexa, we keep those R3D, Arri Raw or ProRes4444 files through the grading process allowing our colorists to utilize the most dynamic range possible. No transcoding to keep that cookie cutter color timing workflow.


Choose your camera and we’ll handle the rest. We couple DaVinci Resolve with Avid Symphony to produce top quality dailies that’s fast and efficient. At the end of the dailies process, all of your production media will be archived to industry standard LTO5. Securing your production media as well as producing quick and beautiful dailies is our top priority and with your package rate worrying about vender costs are a thing of the past.


We customize workflows for every project to ensure that all of the time and effort spent in offline shows up in finishing. That means working with you to choose the right equipment to assemble your project. We’ve used multiple versions of Avid Symphony as well as moved straight to DaVinci Resolve in order to achieve the quality onlines our client’s expect.


We use Cache-A professional appliances to back up to LTO7. We don’t nickel and dime here with added data management charges. Need an LTO7 archive and we’ll give you a flat rate that won’t change from episode to episode or need a graphing calculator to figure out.


We offer a unique DI workflow that has proven cost effective and allows DP’s and Director’s the time to make your feature look the way it was envisioned.


Need to stream your dailies or approval cuts securely and cost effectively? We have you covered. We’ll encode your media to our Mad Old Nut Streaming Server and provide a secure login in so you and your team can safely view in real time.


Mad Old Nut has over 100 class-A office suites available for rent for editorial, writers or executive offices between our facilities in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and New York City.

Our Hollywood facility occupies portions of the 11th, 14th and 15th floors of the CNN Building on Sunset Blvd. Virtually all of our edit suites have spectacular views ranging from the Hollywood sign to views of downtown Los Angeles.

Our Beverly Hills facility is located on the top floor of the Wilshire Robertson Plaza. The building features a sweeping curved black granite and glass exterior and three-story atrium lobby. Among the many amenities offered at our Beverly Hills location, our footprint has two large balconies available for the exclusive use of our clients and tenants. The buildings location also affords direct access to the Santa Monica (10) Freeway via Robertson Blvd and is an ideal location for clients on the west side.

Both locations have fully furnished ‘plug and play’ options which include phone, internet service and parking.