Mad Old Nut Productions (MONP) is a progressive, technology focused post-production, editorial suite and equipment rental facility with offices in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and New York City.


MONP specializes in creating unique, flat-rate pricing packages for a full range of post production products and services. We offer the highest level of quality and service and utilize the latest technologies while still maintaining significantly lower price points. Also, while eliminating the nickel and dime overages that pester productions, MONP promotes an environment which enables filmmakers to focus on the creative process rather than the accounting and operational challenges which can arise during post production.

Founded in 2007 by film and television producer Todd Ulman, MONP has quickly developed a reputation for working with some of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry. Our clients include major movie and television studios, independent production companies, digital content providers, multi-national corporations and also film students and struggling artists. We are proud to serve the creative community through our work on episodic television, feature films, commercial projects and digital media.


  • TODD ULMAN Founder, Chairman & CEO, Head of Sales

Todd Ulman is the founder, Chairman & CEO and creative force behind Mad Old Nut Productions and Go Blue VFX.

Todd started his life in showbiz like many others, getting coffee and running errands on a little TV show called “Friends”. Quickly rising through the ranks, he then moved on to “Everwood” and became one of the youngest producers at Warner Bros. Television in over 20 years.

As a former Systems Administrator at MIT, Todd was frustrated with the way technology seemed to hinder the creative process instead of furthering it, and out of that frustration MONP was born. More recently Todd started Go Blue VFX in 2011 and both companies have experienced tremendous growth since inception. Todd pursued a dual degree in Theatre and Computer Science at Northeastern University, leaving his junior year to work on the aforementioned show. Todd has worked every day since arriving in Los Angeles on a variety of television shows and motion pictures.

Leveraging a relationship that goes back to 1998, Dr. Andrew Goodney began consulting for Mad Old Nut Productions in 2011 and joined the company as Chief Technology Officer in 2015.

Dr. Goodney’s entertainment industry career began with an internship working for Tomlinson Holman (of THX fame) while an undergraduate. After graduation he worked at Lowry Digital Images before joining Cinesite in 2002 as a digital imaging engineer. At Cinesite (and later Laser Pacific) he had the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with the advanced film, television and VFX technologies developed by the talented engineers at these pioneering companies. In 2008 Dr. Goodney returned to the academic world to purse a PhD in computer science.

Dr. Goodney attended USC where he achieved a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in computer science. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Dr. Goodney has won numerous awards, holds multiple patents and has several motion picture credits.

Rob brings over twenty years of operations experience to MONP and is please to have a home in such a dynamic and nimble endeavor.

Rob has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Design/Management from CalARTS. He started his career as a production assistant working at Hallmark Hall of Fame and quickly became a post-production coordinator there. Seeking to expand his knowledge he moved to LaserPacfic Media Corporation where he advanced through operations positions to be the Vice President of Operations. It was at LaserPacific that Rob first met Todd Ulman as a client of that facility 15 years ago.

Before Mad Old Nut Productions, Rob most recently worked at LFP Video where he oversaw a wide range of processes from production to post-production to product manufacturing and warehousing.